#MoreThanAssistants: Smashing Patriarchy one Doll at a Time

Over the last few months a  new feminist project has been occupying a small group of feminist historians at the University of Sussex.  #MorethanAssistants is inspired by the history of feminist interventions in Historical practice.

We are concerned with

  • The burden of responsibility on those few female figures who manage to earn a space in the public realm.
  • The disproportionate shaming of young women for unruly behaviour.
  • The power of playful, messy, feminism.
  • The importance of carrying our sisterhood with us, whether physically, virtually or emotionally
  • The power of being in the wrong place.

You can hear more about the assistants on this PRBH radio interview from 1.07 to 1.31


#MoreThanAssistants cheerlead other feminists


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#MoreThanAssistants intervene in media narratives


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#MoreThanAssistants take History seriously


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#MoreThanAssistants are Cultural Activists



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#MoreThanAssistants work collaboratively


#MoreThanAssistants are intergenerational feminists


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#MoreThanAssistants know that pleasure is political

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#MoreThanAssistants recognises all of women’s labour – public, waged and unwaged, emotional, domestic and we value the currency of our own pleasure

(with thanks to our collaborator Molly Butterworth for capturing River’s weekend)

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