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We better sort out our solidarity pt1

Earlier this month I attended two conferences in a week. Not great planning on my part but it was really interesting to move across geographical locations and organisational structures to ask in essence very similar questions but with very different answers.  The first symposium I attended as a discussant was Rethinking Contemporary British Political History at Queen Mary’s Mile End campus organised by Dr Helen McCarthy. (The second was the Workshop on Voluntary Action and Philanthropy at Frankfurt University which I will write about later)

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Things are messy: Be Careful What You Wish For

I was going to write a blog about Twitter, and voice and collectively generated knowledge, but this came out instead.  It is a starting point, for thinking through #beforethedrugsrunout


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Introducing my blog

So what is this blog for?

All sorts of things,

Showing off, Letting Go, Getting Writing, Stopping Writing, Recycling, Pissing on Lampposts, Sending Thank you Notes, Experimenting, Collaborating, Taking Teaching Seriously, Not Taking Everything Seriously, Temperature Testing, Getting Myself in Trouble,

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