Press Release: An Anthem for the People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove

Contemporary historian Lucy Robinson has spent the last five year’s listening to, writing about and thinking about charity singles.  From Oxfam’s association with the Beatles in the 60s, to ‘Do they Know its Christmas?’ in all of its various incarnations, the charity single has turned fans into communities, and allowed over indulgent celebrities to show their caring side.  Now finally her work has come to life in a brand new charity single.  She has been volunteering her expertise as Minister for Nagging in the newly launched People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove.

The People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove, might have started as a post-election joke to cheer up the disheartened, but overnight it became a grassroots movement with 15,000 people associated with the cause.  Under the red and green yin-yang banner groups of people are coming together and working on whatever their particular concerns are: public transport, the NHS, supporting arts and culture in the community, education, disability cuts, the environment.   What started as a Facebook community has now spilled out into the real world; community picnics, school assemblies and cultural engagement have been popping up all over the republic.  Straddling satire and community action PRBH now has its own anthem.  The National Anthem of The People’s Republic of Brighton & Hove is recorded by Brighton’s ‘Indie choir’, Jam Tarts and includes a compulsory ukulele.

The Anthem’s author, Jason Smart explained, “To justify writing an unofficial anthem for a fictional Republic I decided all proceeds from the download would be donated to FareShare, a food poverty charity who redistribute quality surplus food from the food industry to organisations working with homeless and vulnerable people in the community. That way all those who purchase the song will be giving support to those affected negatively by this Tory government. And hopefully have a bit of fun at the same time.”

Robinson said “It’s like watching an academic paper come to life like Pinocchio.  People have come together, seen themselves as part of a community and have chosen the most beautiful art form to express themselves. Long Live the Republic! Long Live the Charity Single”

The song is available to download

For more information on the People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove see our facebook page

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